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Buying an apartment in a new construction in Russia and not being deceived?

  Do you want to live in a new apartment to feel more comfortable and reliable?

   You can buy an apartment during the construction of the house and after its commissioning. The sooner you sign a contract for the purchase of housing the cheaper it will cost you.
   Apartments in houses under construction are sold by developers, investors (or co-investors), municipal authorities and real estate agencies.

   The contract for the purchase of housing must include the address, parameters and price of the apartment, the names of the transactors (organization and the buyer), the time, place and method discharge, information about the rights and obligations of the parties.

  Possible risks when buying by yourself:
  1.  The developer can not fulfill his obligations to the buyer. The developer can fail to pass the object in due time, and not finish its construction.
  2. The contracts may contain not agreed details, like hidden fines and commissions from the buyer.
  3. Unscrupulous developers can sell one apartment to several buyers with whom you will have to deal with the courts as a result.
  4. Additional agreements may be concluded in which the cost of housing and the timing of its commissioning are adjusted
  5. Sale and purchase agreement is proposed to conclude only on the case of purchasing additional services from the company

   At your request, the organization is obliged to provide you with the constituent documents for review, including the certificate of state registration, the constituent agreement and the charter.
   If you have the opportunity please visit the in-line objects, you will identify all the disadvantages and advantages of high-rise buildings by yourself.
   In addition to the general reputation of the developer, you will also need to study many documents for the object as a whole and for a separate apartment that you would like to buy.
For a thorough check, ask the developer to provide you with:
  • documents proving the right to land - the usual certificate of ownership or lease will help to make sure that the construction is taking place legally;
  • urban planning conditions and restrictions - without them, the developer can build only a residential building with an area of ​​less than 300 m2, an outbuilding or a garage;
  • expert report on the verification of the project of the object - your confidence that the project of the object complies with the law and technical standards;
  • permission / right for construction work - without this document, it is impossible not only to start construction, but also to finance the future object;
  • conditions for connection to communications - you should check whether the developer has such permission to connect communications;
  • agreements on joint activities - these are all those documents that clearly describe how the area of ​​the object will be divided, on what conditions you cooperate with the developer, etc.

   A specialist will check the agreement for compliance with federal law No. 214, find controversial points, vague wording, etc. The contract for the sale and purchase of an apartment in a new building should be checked by a professional.

   We can check the apartment, the developer and the terms of the transaction. After that, you will make a decision whether it is worth buying an apartment from the chosen developer or it is better to refuse the purchase.

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