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Can a foreign student work in Russia?

The Federal Law No. 16-FZ dated 06 Feb 2020 facilitates the employment procedure in Russia for foreign students. However, there are some differences.

INTRAMURAL STUDENTS (студенты очной формы обучения) can be hired under a certificate from the university stating they study there. It confirms their status and gives the right to work without obtaining any other permission documents.

EXRAMURAL STUDENTS (студенты заочной формы обучения) are equal in rights with ordinary foreign nationals and have to obtain a permit or patent (depending on the nationality) before entering into a labor contract. Those who study in the mixed attendance mode also belong to this category.

EDUCATIONAL TEMPORARY RESIDENCY (known as РВПО): This document is issued to intramural foreign students studying at a Russian university or state scientific organization. Noncitizens with this document have the status of temporary residents in Russia, that is, they can get a job without additional permits.

The latter option is more preferable for both the employer and employee since:

✅ No need to have an annual physical exam;
✅ The labor contract with a non-resident will be terminated right after the student graduates or is expelled, while a person with «РВПО» can work for additional 180 days.
✅ Share of foreign employees. There is a limit on the number of foreign employees in some industries. As residents are not counted in this proportion, it may be a deciding factor in choosing a candidate.

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