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Cases of cancelling Russian temporary residence permit

Temporary residence permit is a seal in a document of a foreign citizen which allows a foreigner to reside and gives the right to work in Russia for 3 years.
It may be canceled for a foreign citizen if there are compelling reasons for this.

The article will also tell you how to annul a temporary residence permit for a foreign citizen of his own free will, for administrative offenses, and for violation of migration legislation.

Frequent reasons for cancellation of temporary residence permit in Russia:

▣ A foreigner stays abroad more than 180 days;
▣ A foreigner lives and works in a different region from where the document was obtained;
Note! A foreigner can change their place of residence at the request of the Federal Migration Service, where it they will have to submit an application indicating the reason for changing residence.
▣ Annual residence confirmation notification under the TRP has not been submitted or the deadlines for submission have been violated.

Temporary residence permit can be canceled on the following grounds:

Promotion of extremist activities;
Providing forged documents or knowingly false information;
Conviction for committing a grave transgression or especially grave crime;
Outstanding or unexpunged conviction for committing a grave crime in Russia or abroad;
Dangerous diseases a foreigner has;
Being held administratively liable for violating the regime of stay in the Russian Federation more than 2 times during the year;
If a foreign citizen left Russia for permanent residence in another state;
If a foreign citizen is outside the Russian Federation for more than 6 months;
Recognition of the marriage as fictitious, on the basis of which the TRP was issued;
If the stay of a foreign citizen in the Russian Federation is undesirable;
Transfer of a foreigner by a foreign state under an international agreement on readmission;
Court decision on deprivation / restriction of parental rights in relation to a child who is a Russian citizen;

Complete list of grounds for canceling a temporary residence permit can be found in Federal Law No. 110.

If the issuance of a TRP was denied or the previously issued one was canceled, the foreigner has the right to re-apply in the same manner for issuing a TRP not earlier than 1 year from the date their previous application was denied or the previously issued TRP was cancelled.

TRP cancellation stages:
1. A FMS officer sends a request to verify information to government agencies or to interview witnesses;
2. Approval of the cancellation decision;
3. The foreigner is delivered or mailed a notice within three days after the decision is issued;
4. Passport gets the stamp "canceled", or the document is seized;
5. They issue a certificate with a photo or a visa with a TP1 mark for leaving Russia.

After the TRP cancellation, the migrant must leave the Russian Federation within 15 days.

It is possible to restore the TRP if the authorities recognized its cancellation as illegal.

We can help to find a reason to challenge the TRP cancellation, to draft an application for restoring your TRP, to file a lawsuit.
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