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Certificate of No Criminal Record in Russia - Police Certificate

Russian authorities demand a so called Certificate of no Criminal Record from a foreigner, for example, if they apply for a student visa, work visa, temporary or permanent residence permit. You may also need one for being hired as a teacher, doctor, trainer, public transport driver or taxi driver, aviation related professions and some other jobs. Judges ask a police certificate when an individual is planning to adopt a child.

Such a certificate is officially called «Certificate of the presence (or absence) of a criminal record and (or) the fact of criminal prosecution or the termination of criminal prosecution». It states the person doesn't (or does) have criminal records. A foreign national can obtain such a certificate in their country of nationality, or, if they don't want to leave Russia, at the Consulate of their country in Russia. Note that a Certificate of no Criminal Record issued abroad must be apostilled or legalized to be used here – it can be done only in the country where it was issued.

It is important to note that a foreign national that lived or lives in Russia can also apply for such a certificate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. For instance, a Georgian citizen pursued higher education in Russia, and after that, decided to apply to a Canadian university, then the university can demand a Certificate of no Criminal Record from Russia, as he resided there for a long time. However, a Russian certificate will reflect only those criminal records or prosecutions that took place in our country, that is, the university from our example will most probably request a similar document from Georgia as well. Requirements of different countries vary, so make sure what documents you need prior to moving to another country.

Do such certificates include administrative offences? No, for example, if you overspeed when driving, it will not be mentioned in your police certificate.

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