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Children's place to live after divorce - Russia

Divorce with common children is inevitably accompanied by a dispute associated with them.
Determining the child's place of residence is an important stage in the divorce process, which entails difficulties. A family lawyer who knows all the intricacies of this procedure will help you deal with them.
The child's place of residence is determined by mutual agreement. If we cannot agree, then the issue is resolved in court and a statement of claim is filed with the court.

Necessary documents for the court:
  • birth certificates of children
  • divorce certificates
  • documents confirming that you have sufficient financial capabilities to raise a child
  • characteristics on you from neighbours and from work,
  • information about your place of residence and normal living conditions for the child
  • occasionally a psychologist's advice is required.
The distance of the child's intended place of residence to the school or kindergarten, section, proximity to a medical institution will also be important for the court.
It can take a long time to collect all the necessary documents, but it will help you a positive outcome of the litigation for you.

You pay the state fee, after the place of residence of the children is determined.

A written document is drawn up according to a sample, it indicates the circumstances of the case, the data of the plaintiff and the defendant, arguments and evidence, references to legislative acts, the wording of requests to the court.
For the correct preparation of a statement of claim, it is better to contact a specialist who will help prepare a competent document that meets all the standards.

The second parent can file a counterclaim with additional evidence and circumstances of the case, ask to pick up the child, and indicate the opposite claims.
There are other counterclaims, for example, a counterclaim to determine the order of communication with the child. It also happens that after a divorce, a claim to determine the child's place of residence is filed by the father as a counterclaim in response to the mother's application for the recovery of alimony.

The court session is one of the most important stages in determining the child's place of residence. The collection of evidence, psychological preparation, premeditated argumentation - all this affects the court's decision, and the participation of a family lawyer in the proceedings only increases a favorable outcome.

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