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Disputes about joint children in Russia

Consultation of a family lawyer in Russia.

Upon divorce or the end of cohabitation in the presence of joint children, our clients often have legal disputes about child custody.

The most frequent cases related to children that we conduct are child custody cases.
According to Russian law, these disputes are divided into disputes about determining the child's place of residence and determining the order of communication with children.

By concluding an agreement with us to conduct a case on determining the procedure for communicating with a child or determining the place of residence of children, our clients receive the following results from us:

1. Detailed consultation based not only on theoretical knowledge but primarily on our experience and current judicial practice.

2. Development of tactics for building a trial.
At this stage, the factual circumstances of the case are established, the available documents are studied, the question of what other documents needs to be collected is decided.

3. Drawing up and submitting documents to the court: statement of claim, petitions (if necessary), distribution of documents by the parties.

4. Monitoring of a case in court, notification of the dates of court sessions, participation in court sessions.

5. The main result: a court decision, after which all disputes are legally terminated, since the procedure for communication and the place of residence of children has already been detailed in the court decision.

When conducting court cases related to the rights of children and parents, we strive first of all to ensure that children do not become hostages of hostile relations of their parents, and of course, so that the rights of our principals are not violated.

Of course, the suffering of parents and children cannot be overestimated, no matter how “cultural” the divorce process is. It's good when the parents were able to come to an agreement about the child's place of residence and the procedure for communicating with him. However, this is not always the case.

Often, when parents turn to a lawyer for help in determining the place of residence of their children, as well as the procedure for communicating with the child, grandparents are involved in a court dispute, who appear in court as witnesses on the side of their children.

There are also cases when one of the spouses, enveloped in feelings of hatred, jealousy, anger towards the ex-spouse, applies with an unreasonable claim to deprive the latter of parental rights. In such cases, children unwittingly become a means of a struggle between ex-spouses, no matter how rude it may sound.

At the same time, there are also really reasonable claims for deprivation of parental rights, when the father, for example, beat his child. In our practice, there was a case when the mother released the child in her underwear at the entrance of one, and she herself did not leave for several friends. In that case, she was deprived of her parental rights, and subsequently, she repeatedly filed applications for the restoration of her parental rights.

In all cases, we strongly advise you to negotiate with your ex-spouses, if, of course, both are ready for a constructive dialogue. If the spouse's proposals are clearly irrational, and even more so violate the rights of children, contact a Russian lawyer and defend your rights and the rights of your child in court.

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