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Divorce from a foreigner in Russia

     Divorce with foreign citizens is similar to the termination of marriage in Russia. But there are some differences. In Russia such a marriage certificate may be invalidated if the marriage with a foreign national was registered in another country. Such divorce follows the laws of the country where the marriage was contracted. You should consult a lawyer who knows the laws of that country!

     The termination of the marriage of a citizen of Russia and a citizen of another state can be considered valid only in these cases:

- With mutual consent of both parties;
- No proceedings on marital property
- The couple has no children under the age of 18.

   The application for divorce is submitted to the registry office in Russia by both spouses and enters into legal force.
   After one month the marriage with a foreign citizen will be terminated.

     Additional list of documents to the divorce applications in the registry office includes:
- The original receipt for payment of the state fee;
- Passport or identity document of both persons;
- Certificate of marriage registration;
- Child's birth certificate;
- Extract from the house register about the place of residence;
- Prenuptial agreement, if any.

   If the spouse is staying abroad
You need to contact the consular agency of the country where your spouse is located

According to the RF IC, if the spouse has agreed to a divorce, then he needs to send a notarized statement to the registry office. If the defendant does not agree to the dissolution of the marriage relationship or in every possible way interferes with this process, such cases are decided in court.

   Divorce with the involvement of the court
A divorce from a citizen of another country can be considered only taking into account the three points that we talked about at the very beginning. Divorce cases are heard either by a magistrate or a district court.

   Reasons for the consideration of the case in the World Court:
- presence of minor children in marriage
- if an agreement is reached between the spouses on the upbringing and place of residence of the children
- the disagreement of a foreign citizen to divorce (refusal to submit an application on his part),
- long absence of a foreigner at the registry office
- the requirement for the division of joint property acquired abroad in excess of its total value of 50,000 rubles.

   Reasons for the consideration of the case in the District Court:
- presence of minor children in marriage
- lack of agreement between the parents of children on their upbringing, country of residence after divorce.
- a claim in one claim for the division of joint property, in excess of its total value of 50,000 rubles.

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