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Russian documents legalization for the UAE in Moscow, St. Petersburg

Do I need documents legalization for the UAE?

If you want to use Russian official documents in the UAE, then you definitely need to go through the legalization procedure for these documents (embassy attestation in home country).

The need for consular legalization is explained by the requirements of Russian and Emirati laws, in particular:
- In accordance with paragraph 1 of Art. 27 of the Federal Law date July 5, 2010 No. 154-FZ “Consular Charter of the Russian Federation”, official documents issued in a foreign country require consular legalization; legalization provides for signature authentication, verification of the authority who signed the document, seal or stamp authentication, as well as whether the legalized document complies to the host state legislation.

Can I certify / legalize a document copy?

Yes, moreover, most of our clients prefer this very method, since it allows you to keep the original, and transfer a copy to the relevant UAE authority. This document has the same legal force.
Consular legalization of a document copy is notarization of a copy from the original. The hardcopy is handed over to a notary, who makes a full copy of it and stamps on the last page “I certify that the copy from the presented document is true”

How do I notarize a document copy?

After receiving a notarized copy, you should submit the document to the Consular Apostille and Legalization Department of the Ministry of Justice in Moscow.

At this stage, an employee of the Legalization and Apostille Unit in the International Law and Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation authenticates the notary’s signature.

What documents can be legalized?

- Personal official documents: Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divor

e Certificate, Death Certificate, Russian court decision or sentence, Powers of Attorney issued by a notary, Consent to the child's departure abroad, No Criminal Record Certificate (Police Clearance Certificate / Certificate of Good Conduct)

- Educational documents: School Certificate legalization, Specialist's Diploma legalization, Master's Diploma legalization, Candidate of Sciences Diploma legalization, Doctoral Diploma legalization, Higher Education Diploma legalization, Official Academic Transcript legalization, Final Grades Record.

- Legal entity corporate records: Legal Entity’s (or Private Entrepreneur’s) Tax Authority Registration Certificate, Corporate Bylaw, Company Registration Certificate.
Thus, legalization may be needed when moving to the UAE for working, entering an educational institution, immigrating to the UAE, getting married in the Emirates, doing business and founding a company in Dubai.

What documents cannot be legalized?

It should be remembered that not all documents can be legalized in this way. There is a list of documents not subject to legalization by virtue of the "Regulations on the procedure for Consular Legalization", approved by the Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic dated February 21, 2011 No. 60, so the following documents cannot be legalized:
- passport
- military service record book
- work record book
- driving license
- vehicle registration certificate
- trade union card
- documents on belonging to some estates or religions

How do I pay the consular fee for the documents legalization at the UAE Embassy?

Currently, you can pay the consular fee for the documents legalization at the UAE Embassy only on the official website of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates

Fee amount: how much does it cost to certify documents in the UAE for an individual and a legal entity?

Depending on whether you certify documents as an individual or as an organization, the fee in the UAE differs several times, for a fee for a company in the United Arab Emirates is much higher than that for individuals.

The fee for documents legalization in the UAE for one private document is 150 dirhams.
The fee for documents legalization in the UAE for one commercial document is 2,000 dirhams.

It should also be noted that the mandatory payments do not end there, in addition to the consular fee in the UAE, you need to pay 3 AED as the consular charge + 3 AED for each document + 2% commission of the calculated amount = the final amount.

Here is an example of calculation for an individual’s private documents:

(Х+3+3)* 1,02= Y

- if 1 document is to be certified (150 AED + 3+ 3) * 1,02= 159,12 AED
- if 3 documents are to be certified (450 + 9 + 3) * 1,02 = 475,30 AED
- if 10 documents are to be certified (1 500 + 30 + 3) * 1,02 = 1 563,66 AED

Instructions for online UAE duties payment

1) Open the website of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The site opens at the link in Arabic, in the settings at the top of the site you can select English.

2) Log into your personal account of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

At the top of the site in the right corner there is the personal account icon, you can log in to it using an account at or register on the website

3) Select the Attestation of Official Documents, Certificates and Commercial Invoices service and click the "Start Service" button

4) Fill out your details

Here select the type of documents you want to be certified: individual, private, or commercial.
After selecting, move to the window to fill in the document quantity and name.

5) An application number is assigned and a payment link is created

After paying for the link, the payment goes to the UAE bank and the document status changes to “Request Submitted”, now the documents can be submitted to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Moscow.

What is the procedure for documents legalization at the UAE Embassy in Moscow?

The UAE Embassy receives documents certified by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Each document must be stamped by departments and signed by the officer who certified it.

Together with the original documents, you should print out the ATS number ticket.

The consular legalization at the UAE Embassy takes on average 1-2 weeks, but may be extended depending on political events in the country, public holidays, etc.

As a result, you receive documents translated into Arabic or English with the marks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE.

Such a document is applicable in the UAE and have the same legal force as in Russia.

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