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Establishing paternity in Russian court

In case your child is born but you are not officially married to the child’s mother, and the mother does not wish to register you as the father, the only way to prove parentage is to go to a Russian court.

How does such litigation go?

You file a statement of claim describing the circumstances in which you met the child’s mother and conceived him or her. In addition, you pay a filing fee of 300 rubles (about $5). This is enough for the claim to be accepted by the court and proceedings initiated.

As a rule, evidence in such cases in court is:

✓ Testimony of witnesses who can say something about your involvement with the child’s mother and with the child themself;
✓ Joint photographs and any written documents;
✓ The most important thing: DNA test, which you must undergo yourself.

How long does such litigation take?

The entire litigation lasts from 3 to 6 months (sometimes more). The duration depends on how long the examination took, and whether the case was appealed in a second instance.

Litigation costs:

• State fee for claim consideration - 300 rubles (about $5)
• Expenses for examination – about 40,000 rubles (approximately $650)
• Lawyer's expenses - determined by agreement between you and your lawyer.

Russian courts’ position on acknowledging paternity is univocal – if DNA testing confirms your paternity, the court will issue a corresponding order.

Once the court order comes into effect, you should submit it to a registry office to have your name in the child’s birth certificate placed.

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