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Russian Highly Qualified Specialists: List of Occupations

In one of previous articles we mentioned that highly qualified specialists are foreign workers that have work experience, skills or achievements in a specific field, and earn at least 750,000 rubles quarterly (every three months), with some exceptions.

What are the fields (occupations) that allow it to recognize a foreign national as a highly qualified specialist?

1. Aviation and radio-electronic equipment aviation maintenance technician
2. Aircraft and engines aviation maintenance technician
3. Ballet dancer
4. Ballet dancer (soloist)
5. Drama actor
6. Orchestra musician
7. Symphony (chamber) orchestra musician
8. Circus performer
9. Vocalist (opera and chamber)
10. Vocalist (soloist)
11. Assistant director (cinema)
12. Assistant art director (cinema)
13. Ballet master
14. Program presenter
15. Joint-stock company general director
16. General directorate general director
17. Intersectoral scientific and technical complex general director
18. Association general director
19. Enterprise general director
20. Production association general director
21. Principal engineer (in industry)
22. Principal project engineer
23. Hotel, camping or pension director (manager)
24. Branch director (manager)
25. Directorate director (chief, assignee)
26. Enterprise director (chief, manager)
27. Joint-stock company director
28. Tourist base director
29. Department director
30. Factory director
31. Association director
32. Economics director
33. Representative office director
34. Factory director
35. Firm director
36. Conductor
37. Dispatcher
38. Deputy chairman of a board
39. Audio operator
40. Audio engineer
41. Interior engineer
42. Aviation and radio-electronic equipment engineer
43. Automation and production processes mechanization engineer
44. Automated production control systems engineer
45. Automated process control systems engineer
46. New equipment and technology introduction engineer
47. Information security engineer
48. Commissioning and testing engineer
49. Production management engineer
50. Pre-production engineer
51. Mode calculation engineer
52. Aircraft and engine engineer
53. Welding engineer
54. Aircraft (aircraft systems) operation engineer
55. Structural engineer
56. Software engineer
57. Design engineer
58. Engineering technologist
59. Electrical engineer
60. Ringmaster
61. Hiking guide
62. Reporter
63. Reporter for a publishing house, newspapers and magazines
64. Travel (excursion) organizer
65. Stunt coordinator
66. Chairman of a board
67. Technological equipment repair technician
68. Process plant operator
69. President of an association (concern, corporation) (socio-economic organization)
70. Programmer
71. Director (cinema)
72. Stage director
73. Ballet tutor
74. Head of a club (team, amateur association, section, studio, tourist group)
75. Rig technician
76. Commissioning and testing technician
77. Choreographer
78. Technological installation repairperson
79. Production designer
80. Repair and electrical equipment maintenance electrician

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