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How can a foreign national replace lost (damaged) documents in Russia?

What should a foreigner do if they’ve lost their personal documents in Russia: passport, work permit, migration card (analogue of arrival / departure record in the USA), etc.?

They must immediately report the loss to the police office nearest to their legal residence. A foreigner is issued a relevant certificate confirming the loss of documents. Then you need to replace an ID at the consulate of your origin country.

If you don’t have required documents or, if lost / damaged / stolen, haven’t reported it, it may lead to a fine in the amount of 2,000-5,000 rubles and deportation from the country, so take it serious!


It depends on whether you entered Russia on a visa or without one.

In the first case, you should go to the Federal Migration Service to have the visa, migration card, and residence card replaced. You’ll be issued the same type of duplicate visa as that of the previous one.
Only a migration card is to be renewed if you have visa-free travel.

If you lost your visa shortly before the expiration date, better to get an exit (transit) visa. It’s valid for up to 10 days.

However, citizens of the European Union (with some exceptions) in case of loss of their travel documents in Russia can leave the country without visas or any other permits. In this case, the diplomatic mission and the consular office issue an ID, under which the foreigner has the right to leave Russia without any additional formalities.

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