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How to buy property in the Russian Federation? Registration process

Ownership of real estate is subject to state registration in the Unified State Register (USRN - ЕГРН) and arises from the moment the corresponding entry is made in this register. In this case, the state registration of the right in the USRN is the only proof of the existence of the registered right. (Clause 1 of Art.131 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation; Part 5 of Art.1 of the Law of 13.07.2015 N 218-FZ).

If the seller and the buyer are individual citizens each, then the agreement concluded between them in writing is sufficient to submit for registration.

However, if the seller or the buyer is not individuals, but several people, then agreement is subject to the obligatory notarial certification. Such agreement will need to be signed at the notary and only then be submitted for registration.

The period of registration of real estate is – 9 (working) days (if documents are submitted through multifunctional center).

If the foreign citizen buys property in Russia personally, then he will have to provide for registration:
-      The passport with translation and documents confirming legality of stay in the territory of Russia.
-      If purchase is performed on the power of attorney, then there is enough if it is provided by the authorized representative at signing of the contract of sale.

From the seller it will be required:
-      Passport
-      documents confirming ownership
-      the consent of the spouse to sale (if the seller is married)

Order of carrying out transaction:
According to the Russian legislation property right arises from the moment of state registration of contract. That’s why paying before the registration could be dangerous.

In addition, before concluding a transaction for a foreign citizen, it is advisable to check the acquired property for arrests and restrictions.
It can be done on the official sites of the Federal Registration Service and Cadastral chamber of Russia.

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