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How to find out about a statement filed with the police to initiate a criminal case against you in Russia?

You can find out about the submitted criminal applications by contacting a lawyer.

If a foreign citizen has reason to believe that a claim has been made against him (for example, for beatings or harassment), then on the basis of the Federal Law “On Advocate’s Activity and the Bar in the Russian Federation”, the lawyer can make an official lawyer's request to the appropriate law enforcement government body.

To understand whether a criminal complaint has been filed, you need to know what the charge is. You also need to know the approximate place (district, city) in which the alleged crime was committed.

The body investigating the case will depend on the nature of the charge. In Russia, criminal cases are investigated by two bodies - the police or the investigative committee under the Russian Prosecutor's Office (more serious cases).

Law enforcement agencies must provide an answer to a lawyer's request within 1 month from the date of receipt of a lawyer's request.

Moreover, if a criminal case has not been initiated, the lawyer can familiarize himself with the materials of the check on the submitted application. If the case is already at the stage of preliminary investigation, then familiarization with all the materials of the case is impossible. At the same time, you can get acquainted with those documents that were drawn up with the participation of a citizen who turned to a lawyer for help.

If a foreign citizen is in the status of a suspect or accused, then he certainly needs the help of a lawyer.

If you need help obtaining information or defending a criminal case, you can contact me. I have fifteen years of experience in defense in criminal cases, including for foreign citizens in Russia.

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