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What should a foreigner know to stay in Russia?

In the article, we will talk about what a foreigner should and should not do to enter the Russian Federation and stay in it as long as he or she wishes.

1. Declaration of items and money at customs

Money equivalent to more than 10,000 USD (including both traveler's checks and cash) is to be declared. All financial instruments, such as promissory notes, securities or cashier's checks, must be declared regardless of their cost. However, you do not need to disclose what is on your bank card.
What regards items, if you go by plane, goods weighing more than 50 kg and worth at least 10,000 EUR are subject to declaration. For travelling by land or by sea, these criteria are even less.
The failure to disclose goods at customs may lead to a fine (from 50 to 200%) and seizure or total loss, even if you had not known those goods were to be disclosed, and did not mean to sell them.

2. Registration

As soon as you arrive in Russia, you have 7 business days to notify the Russian authorities of the place where you are going to reside, that is, to register yourself. Actually this is not you who is responsible for your registration – it must be done by the hotel where you are staying, university where you are studying, host family with which you are living, that is, any host party. However, a foreigner cannot just stay at their friends’ without warning the relevant authorities, or else it may result in the ban on entry for 3 years.

3. Administrative and criminal offences

It is very easy – observe the law to be welcome in Russia. If you carry out administrative offences at least twice, you may be prohibited to enter the country for up to 5 years. Criminal offences are punishable not only by imprisonment, but also by 10-year ban on entry.

4. Mind the visa expiration date!

Some people think that overstaying a visa for 1 or 2 days will lead to nothing serious, but this is not the case. We also encountered cases where foreign nationals, staying in Russia with the visas having expired long ago, supposed all they need is just to apply to the Migration Service for a new visa so they can stay in the country as long as they need. No, take serious what is written in your passport! Overstaying your visa may cause you to be forcefully deported and denied entry in the future.

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