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Who protects better? Lawyer or attorney? Difference

Legal assistance is provided by both lawyers and attorneys. They have the right to represent their clients in courts and law enforcement agencies. But potential clients often confuse an attorney and a lawyer providing legal services.
What is the difference between an attorney and a lawyer?

Lawyer is a person with special secondary or higher education. They provide legal advice, collect and process information, protect and judge people, draw up legal documents.
Thus the prosecutor, the judge and even the advocate are lawyers.
Attorney is a lawyer with a higher education. They get this status after passing the qualifying exam, have a certificate and are a member of the Bar Chamber. An attorney makes the oath of a lawyer.
An attorney is obliged to comply with attorney-client confidentiality. They are prohibited from disclosing: fact of contacting an advocate, information received, information about the client, monetary payments between an attorney and their client, etc. Therefore, an attorney cannot be interrogated as a witness about circumstances that became known when working with a client. On the contrary, a lawyer is not obliged to keep secrets of clients. If they refuse to testify about their client, they face criminal charges.

In whatever manner it is prohibited to interfere with advocacy.

Attorney can provide legal assistance both on a paid and free basis.
Interests of the client can only be represented by an attorney in a criminal case. Only an attorney has the right to defend a suspect or accused at all stages: inquiry, preliminary investigation and trial.

Both lawyers and attorneys can deal with civil cases. A civil attorney has the same powers as a lawyer. But a lawyer may appear in court without a power of attorney, whereas a lawyer must have it.
It is worth applying to an attorney for qualified help. After all, attorney obligations start working after two years of experience. A lawyer may be a person who has just graduated from a university or college and has no work experience. Attorneys are required to improve their qualifications periodically.

Information about attorneys can be found in the register of the bar association of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation and is in the public domain.
Only an attorney has the right to be a representative (defender) in the European Court of Human Rights.

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