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GOSUSLUGI – why do I need to register there? How do I do it? (literally «State services») is a very useful state web-portal where you can interact with Russian authorities, for example, there you can apply for a residence permit, or a Russian passport, apply to get married, register a newborn, pay a fine, schedule an appointment with a doctor, apply for a driver's license, etc. How to register on this portal?

1. Log on using just your phone and email. This way you'll create a simplified account.

2. For the account to get standard status, you need to fill out the user profile and initiate the data verification procedure. You will need your passport and SNILS. SNILS is a number assigned by the Social Fund of Russia, usually on a card. If you work in Russia, you have this number, if not, you can get it at the Social Fund.

3. Confirm your identity, either through an online bank or in person in a User Service Center.

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