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How to get a driver's license in Russia if you are a foreigner

This article covers the question of obtainment of a driver's license in Russia by foreign nationals and usage of foreign licenses in the country.


A foreigner legally residing in Russia can obtain a driver's license the same way Russian citizens do.

You must present a driving school your travel passport (with a notarized translation), proof of ongoing right to stay in Russia (temporary or permanent residence permit, migration card, registration card, or refugee's certificate, etc.) and photographs.
Further, when the training is over, you provide the following to the Traffic Police – GIBDD (ГИБДД) – to apply for a driver's license:
- Travel passport (with a notarized translation) and document which shows ongoing right to stay in Russia;
- Driver education certificate;
- Medical certificate of form No. 003-В/у (003 V/u), which can be obtained both in a state “polyclinic” and in a private medical practice – the medical examination cost is about 3 to 4 thousand rubles, depending on the clinic;
- State fee payment receipt;
- Application itself.

Applicants pass three examinations: theoretical, practical on a training track, and practical in the city, and obtain a driving license.


Those having a license issued overseas can use them in our country if it complies with the requirements of international treaties of the Russian Federation. You can change it to the Russian national license after passing a theoretical exam at the Traffic Police – no training is required (it regards A and B categories – motorcycles and cars). Note that people with a foreign or international driver's license cannot be hired as drivers by cargo carriers, as well as to transport passengers, including by taxi – such employees have to change their licenses to Russian (if they are not in the Russian language). However, some important changes are introduced beginning from April 1, 2024.


Beginning from April 1, 2024 (pursuant to the Federal Law N 313-FZ On Amendments to the Federal Law "On Road Safety"), all drivers, no matter if they are Russian citizens or not, must change their foreign license to Russian if they want to reserve the right to operate a vehicle. According to this law, this change does not require a license holder to train again at a driving school in case of A and B categories; he or she must only pass a theoretical exam. It can be changed within a year - after that, non-Russian licenses cease to be valid in our country. In other words, if you are already living in Russia, you have time till April 1, 2025 to change your license, although it will still be in force till that day. If you enter the country in June, 2024, your driving license will cease to be in force in June, 2025.

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