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May you baby become a Russian citizen?

What to do if you had a baby in Russia, but both parents are not Russian citizens? Can it become one? Or can it become a Russian citizen if only one of the parents is Russian, and the child was born out of Russia?

A bit of theory - there are two principles of nationality law a country can choose, «jus soli» - right of the soil, or «jus sanguinis» - right of the blood.

«Right of the soil» means that a child born in the territory of the country can receive citizenship of that country, no matter the nationality of the parents. «Jus soli» is the predominant principle in the Americas and rare outside them. By right of the blood nationality is determined by the nationality of one or both parents, and the Russian Federation adheres to this rule. For a baby to become a Russian citizen, one of the following requirements should be met:

1) Both its parents or its only parent (when information about the father isn't indicated in the birth certificate) are Russian citizens, regardless of the place of birth;

2) One of the baby's parents has citizenship of the Russian Federation, and the other parent is stateless, or declared missing, or their location is unknown, regardless of the place of birth;

3) One of the parents is a Russian citizen, and another is a foreign national, provided that the child was born in Russia or if otherwise it would become stateless.

4) Its parents (or only parent) living in our country are foreigners or stateless persons, the baby was born in Russia, but the state of which its parents are citizens does not grant the child its citizenship.

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