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How to move to Russia?

Citizenship is not the only way to get the right to permanently stay and live in Russia; in addition, there are temporary or permanent residence permits. These permits also play the role of the intermediate stage in obtaining citizenship.

The standard procedure for “average” foreigners is the same: legally staying in Russia (on any visa, or without a visa if a visa-free regime allows the foreigner to stay in the country), he/she can apply for a temporary residence permit, which is valid during 3 years, under a quota, but this application must be approved by a special commission; in a year the foreigner has the right to obtain a permanent residence permit; and having resided in Russia at least five years with a permanent residence permit, he/she is eligible to acquire citizenship.

There are some springboards that can help you immigrate to the country easier:

Enroll to a Russian educational institution. Upon admission, you will receive visas for the entire period of study. During your full-time training you will improve your Russian language and upon graduation you'll be able to apply for a permanent residence permit and citizenship. And if you graduate with honors (at least 75% of excellent marks and no satisfactory marks), you are eligible to immediately obtain citizenship.

Tuition, depending on the status of the university, costs from 1000 USD per year and can reach 5000 per year (for example, at Moscow State University). In addition, you will have to incur rent (for instance, a one-bedroom apartment in Moscow costs about $700 USD monthly), as well as food costs for about the same amount – $700 per month.

The employer will send you an invitation, issue a work permit for you, and you will receive a salary. Taxes on personal income in Russia are levied at a rate of thirteen percent. Sometimes an employer also provides housing for its employees. But if not, then you will also rent housing yourself for about 700 USD for an apartment or 400 for a room with a shared bathroom and kitchen.

Having a Russian spouse is the basis for obtaining a temporary residence permit. However, you must pass the Russian language exam and foreigners often can’t overcome this obstacle.

To get a permanent residence permit in Russia, you can simply buy real estate here for no less than $550,000 in Moscow or 250,000 in other regions. Passing a Russian language exam is also required.

In Russia, citizenship is given by the right of the blood, by the citizenship of a parent. If you and your Russian spouse have a child and he will receive Russian citizenship, then you have the right to immediately apply for a permanent residence permit, but even here a Russian language exam is mandatory.

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