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We request for documents issued by the Registry Office and Ministry of Internal Affairs

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Having documents from the Registry Office
(ZAGS) and Ministry of Internal affairs apostilled

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We work with all ZAGS offices of Moscow and Russia
Apostille on documents in 5+ days

What is an Apostille?

Let us have an apostille affixed on any of your documents, original or copy

An apostille is a special stamp measuring 10*10 cm that is put on various documents to make them applicable in the other country. This stamp is valid only in countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961.

Examples of apostilles

We can have any document authenticated, and deal with all state bodies (Ministry of Justice, Registry Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs)

What countries require an apostille?

Most often, we are requested to have documents apostilled for the following countries:

Document apostilling for
Document apostilling for
Document apostilling for
Document apostilling for
Document apostilling for
Great Britain
Document apostilling for
Document apostilling for
Document apostilling for
Document apostilling for
Document legalization for
Document apostilling for Turkey
Document apostilling for
We are happy to help you obtain an apostille for these and other countries participating in the Apostille Convention

Our services for apostilling

We provide services for having Russian documents from the Registry Office and Ministry of Internal Affairs apostilled

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Apostilling documents
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and we obtain a document in 5 days
We will request any document for you
from any part of Russia and have it apostilled
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