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We help to enter a Medical University or any other one in Russia without intermediaries to let you not pay unreasonable fees every year

We are a team of Russian lawyers and translators that help foreign students with managing all the paperwork and making a direct contract with any institution of higher education of Russia (without intermediaries) to pursue higher education.

Head of Foreign Students Department
Tarasenko Anastasia Alexandrovna
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ADVANTAGES of working with us

Why our team?
We are just your representatives in the relations with the university, the contract is signed by you and the university only.
Entering into a direct contract
You sign the contract with a firm that may hide real terms of a contract with the university from you. It will be very difficult to terminate such a contract in the future without penalties.
Recruiting agencies
You will know all terms and conditions of the contract, and you will get its copy.
You pay us the fee before the paperwork necessary for the university is done, and once you are enrolled, you will not have to pay any overpayments all five years.
You can choose any institution of higher education of Russia, without restrictions, which is very important since some universities do not provide the whole period bilingual education system.
The overall cost of our services is about 10 times cheaper:
You will pay $1600 at once for our honest work with guarantees and no more, and will not have to pay anything in the future.
In case of some vital legal problems (police, migration services, customs) in the course of your studies, we are also happy to provide legal aid.
You will not know how much in fact the firm pays for you training
You pay annual, and sometimes even monthly commission to the firm for 5-6 years.
Only the University which the firm entered into a contract with will be offered you.
The average cost of services of intermediary firms is ~10 times more expensive:
3000 USD a year
3000 USD x 6 years = 18000 USD
You will have to search for a lawyer that will advise you on issues about the police, migration documents, banks, etc.

You will just need to choose a university, sign a contract with us so we apply to the university directly on your behalf, and you can start to study in Russia

Examples of best medical universities in Russia:
Siberian State Medical University
Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg
Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University
Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
Kazan State Medical University
Ural State Medical University
Samara State Medical University
Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University

Receive legal help of Russian Lawyer right now

The earlier you start to take action, the better the result will be

Be sure that we give you the guaranty of

We are lawyers and translators at the same time therefore we understand essence, legal tasks and legal consequences of documents.
Initial consultation with a lawyer or attorney office or online is provided free of charge
The lawyer has over 15 years of practical experience in helping foreign nationals to enter a Russian university
We will prepare and send all the necessary documents for admission to the university
Official payment by any way, convenient for you.
All questions in chat, by mail and by phone are promptly resolved by lawyers
Lawyers and translators
Free consultation
Experience of lawyers
Work for you
Payment in any way
Remote work
Legal guarantee
The cost of legal services is specified in the agreement and does not change
We are committed to 100% confidentiality and attorney-client confidentiality
100% refund in case of termination of agreement before legal aid is provided
It's possible to determine half of the attorney's fee on the basis of the achieved result

All guarantees provided by us are written in the contract

The cost is fixed in the legal agreement
100% money back guarantee
Complete confidentiality
Payment by result

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Our diplomas and certificates
Original Diploma in the specialty "Lawyer by specialty jurisprudence"
Original diploma in the specialty "philologist, teacher of English language and literature, translator in the field of professional communication"
Translation of a diploma in the specialty "Lawyer by specialty jurisprudence"
Translation of a diploma in the specialty "philologist, teacher of English language and literature, translator in the field of professional communication"

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