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The cadastral value of the real estate is usually higher than the market value. Due to this, owners often pay increased taxes for their real estate. The law provides the possibility of reducing the cadastral value and thus reducing taxes. To do this, it is necessary to duly prepare all the documents and carry out the procedure. Our tax lawyers will help you with this!

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Overpaying tax on land and capital construction?

For which real estate objects we can reduce taxes

Non-residential premises
Industrial facilities
Agricultural objects
Other real estate objects

What influences the real estate cost

Year of construction
Total area
Location of construction
Other characteristics
The older the building, the less it costs
The cost is influenced not only by the region, but also by the purpose of the land
The larger the area, the higher the value of the property
Outdated and disrepairment significantly reduces the value of the property
And other characteristics of real estate that affect the value
More often than not, when assessing the cadastral value, the specialists do not take into account the name of the emergency state of the building or its actual wear. Therefore, the cost is too high.

Real estate tax reduction services

Free Advice
Analysis and preparation of documents
Submission of documents to the tax department
Representation in court

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We are lawyers and translators at the same time therefore we understand essence, legal tasks and legal consequences of documents.
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You will not need to go personally to the goverment bodies, will do it for you
Official payment by any way, convenient for you.
All questions in chat, by mail and by phone are promptly resolved by lawyers
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Work for you
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Legal guarantee
The cost of legal services is specified in the agreement and does not change
We are committed to 100% confidentiality and attorney-client confidentiality
100% refund in case of termination of agreement before legal aid is provided
It's possible to determine half of the attorney's fee on the basis of the achieved result

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