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Providing security before signing the contracts in Russia
Legal Support during performance of contracts
the help in international transportations of goods
English-speaking russian advocate in Russian law
English-speaking Russian attorney
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Outsourcing Russian contract lawyers
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Contract law for foreign companies in Russia
We provide legal services for foreign business before signing the contracts and after.
Verifying Russian Contractors before the deal
Looking for original suppliers on the Russian territory
Registering of foreign companies on the territory of Russia
Support in international transportations of goods
Preparation of customs documents in Russia
Drafting of international contracts in Russian and English
Detailed remote consultation is possible
Check for the scam!
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We are often approached by foreign businessmen to check suppliers from Russia. This mainly applies to natural resources: gas, oil, fuel, wood and other goods. The request usually consists in the fact that our customers have sent money to the supplier, but he does not send the goods.

In these cases, we start checking the supplier from the very beginning and in 98% of cases the suppliers (found by our customers on the Internet) turn out to be scammers. We detect this and take possible measures.

Do not neglect the preliminary check of the contagent, otherwise it may lead to bad consequences.

Tarasenko Vasiliy, attorney
In 98% of cases, the suppliers we checked from the Internet turned out to be scammers!
1. Suppliers - scammers! Verifying Russian supplier before signing agreement.
When a contract is concluded, the parties plan a long-term fruitful cooperation and, of course, do not think about possible violations by the counterparty.

At the same time, in order to further guarantee the performance of the contract, I always propose to prescribe in it measures of responsibility for various cases of its violation.

Including, when drawing up a contract, it is imperative to take into account international trade agreements.

If you need to check or draw up a contract with a Russian supplier, you can contact us.

Tarasenko Vasiliy, attorney
Its better to prescribe measures of resposibility for the case of violation of contract.
2. Legal Support before and during performance of contracts in Russia
When a client contacts us with a request to collect money from a counterparty, we act according to the plan:

First, we are filing the pretension to the defendant.

If we did not receive an answer to the pretension or we received a refusal, then we will file a claim with the court.

After passing through all the courts, we are also engaged in the execution of the court decision on the territory of Russia.
If contractor don`t pays / answers for pretensions more than 1 month, you shall start litigation process
3. Guarantee returning of investment after performance of contract in Russia

We render contract law services in Russia

Legal Support during execution of contracts in Russia

Drafting the contracts and other documentation for contracts

Legal consulting at a stage of signing of the contract

As a rule, foreign companies address us with the following inquiries:
Mediation services
Translations and verifying
Legal audit of documentation
Business disputes between foreign and russian companies in Russian courts
The help in starting of business in the territory of Russia
Legal consulting at a stage of signing of the contract
Check for law mistakes
Legal consulting
Collection of debt under the contract
Checking a contractor
Conducting negotiations

Receive legal aid of Russian Contract Lawyer right now

The earlier you will begin to act - the result will be better
Pretrial proceedings
Legal guarantee
The cost of legal services is specified in the agreement and does not change
We are committed to 100% confidentiality and attorney-client confidentiality
100% refund in case of termination of agreement before legal aid is provided
It's possible to determine half of the attorney's fee on the basis of the achieved result

All guarantees provided by us are written in the contract

The cost is fixed in the legal agreement
100% money back guarantee
Complete confidentiality
Payment by result

Our advantages

Russian lawyer speaks English
Our main task - to help foreign business with overcoming a language barrier on any legal issues
A lawyer who is independent of government authorities will help you
Lawyers experience is more than 15 years of real legal practice
Possibility to pay only when the result is achieved
An urgent visit of a lawyer to any part of Russia is possible
We achieve good results through high engagement
Reviews from google maps in Moscow
Reviews from real customers
Entrust the solving of your problems to the independent russian corporate advocate and his team
Already more than 18 years we specialize in protection against criminal and administrative prosecution of foreign nationals
years experience of the lawyer
peoples from 19 countries were protected
Representatives in more than 28 regions of the Russian Federation
successful cases

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Original diploma in the specialty "philologist, teacher of English language and literature, translator in the field of professional communication"
Translation of a diploma in the specialty "Lawyer by specialty jurisprudence"
Translation of a diploma in the specialty "philologist, teacher of English language and literature, translator in the field of professional communication"

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